Core 2 Interaction:
Lab – Questionnaire
Julia Du


Describe your previous experiences with coding.

I’m at a really elementary level in the world of coding. I was introduced to html in the Core interaction 1 class last semester, before that I have no experience in neither html nor css & js. At first I can not understand the structure or rules of this new language. But after knowing how things come together, it became much more easier. However, coding is really hard and there’s still a long way to go for me.


How excited about learning code are you? Are you nervous about learning code? If so, why? What can I do in this class to help reduce this anxiety?

I’m not nervous, but I’m also not confident. The only anxiety that I have toward learning code is that it’s time consuming. But if there are clear demos explaining step by step that would help a lot.


How do you imagine coding fitting in with the rest of your design curriculum and career after college?

I think coding is essential for communication design students. It’s a skill that expands our perceiving toward visual communication. Knowing what’s going on behind the scene helps us to communicate effetely with both clients and audiences.


What text editor do you prefer to use?

Currently I’m using Sublime.


Have you used GitHub before? Do you know what it is? Describe your understanding of GitHub.

Yes, I’m using GitHub since last semester. Isn’t it a channel of organizing and uploading your html files? I remembered creating repositories and link it with my desktop GitHub.


Describe the relationship between HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I’m not quite sure if this is correct. For example when we visit an exhibition. HTML are what you see on an exhibition, a well designed routine, a few of paintings in different curation rooms, the welcome center with huge name of the designer and a coffee bar designed for rest near the end of exhibition. CSS are the curators, they designed the routine, painted the wall and floor in matched colors, set rules about where to put each painting and sculpture, and connected with printing shop to find out what the brochure or ticket is going to be like. Java Script is the live shows going on in the exhibition, it can be a movie room, a video playing on the screen, performance art, or anything that moves and attracts your attention when walking by.


Using each HTML heading tag, list your favorite foods ranked by importance

Dark Chocolate

Matcha Icecream

Korean Barbecue


French Toast


Create an unordered list and link to some of your favorite graphic design or development related websites. Include a paragraph on each site describing why it is important to you.

"Pinterest" (clickable) is my life.
Whenever I’m withered from inspiration I just go on Pinterest. There are so many different ideas on there and you may always find what you need.

"Glitch" (clickable) is such a fascinating website.
It's so easy to edit with, and I wish I could have know it earlier. This is the eighth question that I'm working on right now and I still have 12 to go. But I believe with Glitch everything will come easily and swift.


Insert an image of your choosing to the page. Make sure the image includes ALT text that describes the image.


Insert a video embed into the page (for example, a YouTube or Vimeo embed tag of a video of your choosing). 

Music by Takashi Kokubo


Nest the following series of HTML tags inside each other, where each represents a new level. Make sure to maintain proper indentation.


Create an ordered list of the top 5 countries you’d like to visit. Within each country, create another ordered list of the top cities you’d like to visit in that country.

    1. France
  1. 1. Paris
  2. 2. Nice
  3. 3. Lyon
    2. Italy
  1. 1. Rome
  2. 2. Sicily
  3. 3. Venice
    3. Japan
  1. 1. Hokkaido
  2. 2. Tokyo
  3. 3. Kyoto
    4. Canada
  1. 1. Quebec
  2. 2. Vancouver
  3. 3. Toronto
    5. US
  1. 1. Hawaii
  2. 2. Yellow Stone National Park
  3. 3. Back to New York


Use pre tags to create a simple concrete poetry version of a Haiku or other poem you write. The poem should represent how you feel at this moment.

          Roses are          red, violets 
      are blue, this       semester just started,
    and I hope everybody’s doing good. Roses are
  red, violets are blue, this class is hard, but 
  I hope everybody does it good. Roses are red, 
  violets are blue, this class is hard, but  I hope 
  everybody does it good. Roses are red, violets 
  are blue, this class is hard, but  I hope 
    everybody does it good. Roses are red, violets 
     are blue, this class is hard, but  I hope
     everybody does it good. Roses are red, 
       violets are blue, this class is hard, 
         but  I hope everybody does it good. 
         Roses are red, violets are blue, 
             this class is hard, but  I 
             hope everybody does it good. 
               Roses are red, violets 
                 are blue. Sugar is
                  sweet, and so 
                      are you. 


Write an HTML comment that is hidden from the browser, but displays in the code.


Create an unordered list of at least 6 musical artists you like to listen to. Add a class to each list item that matches the genre of music of that artist.


Describe the difference between block, inline-block and inline elements.

Within a block container, elements in the current container are separated from the previous line. Within an inline-block container, elements could be on the same line and width & height could work as well. Within an inline container, elements are all on one line, width & height does not work.


Use CSS to style the musical genre classes you added in question 9. Give each genre a color and personality using CSS.


Use any CSS knowledge you currently have to style your questionnaire in a unique way. Make sure to update the font to something other than the default (use the font-family css property). 


In your JavaScript file, use the console.log function to write a message to the console. Tell me something interesting about yourself.

Please check the console.


Add a button to your HTML file and make it do something when clicked using JavaScript.

Uhhh I'm new to JS, so I'm still working on this...